Acacia | Ακακία

Address: 36 E. State St.

National Founding Date: May 12,1904

Local Founding: February 13, 1949, Re-Chartered: 1989

Chapter Designation: Ohio

Colors: Black and Old Gold

Philanthropic Cause: The Lustgarten Foundation

Spring 2018 Membership Size: 97


Originally founded in 1949, the Ohio Chapter of the Acacia Fraternity has been a positive contributor to the Ohio University community. We believe that academic achievement should be the first and foremost priority of all university students. Members of Acacia are encouraged to participate in intramural sports, a system in which athletes of all calibers find camaraderie and physical challenge. Whatever the sport, and whatever your skill level, as a member of Acacia you will always have a place on the team. Acacia Fraternity is dedicated to building leaders by providing a wealth of leadership opportunities for our members. From social issues to academic, business to philanthropy, the Acacians of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Our motto is "Human Service," and we take it very seriously. As member of Acacia Fraternity you will have ongoing opportunities, through structured community service programs, to make a difference in the lives of those in need.

Be different, make a difference, rush Acacia.


National Website:

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Chapter Facebook: @OUACACIA

Chapter Twitter: @OhioACACIA

Chapter Instagram: @ohioacacia

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