phi gamma delta

Phi Gamma Delta | FIJI

Address: 20 S College St.

National Founding: May 1, 1848

Local Founding: September 24, 1966. Re-Chartered April 23, 2016

Chapter Designation: Alpha Omega

Color: Royal Purple

Philanthropic Cause: The USO

Spring 2018 Membership Size: 69


Phi Gamma Delta re-joined Ohio University in Fall 2013. Phi Gamma Delta's mission statement lists five core values for its members: friendship, knowledge, service, morality, and excellence.In addition, members are encouraged to live by three priorities in a specific order: first, scholarship, second, fraternity, and third, self. This ordering is due to the fact that members attend university with the foremost goal of receiving an education, and that Phi Gamma Delta is a fraternity that promotes scholastic achievement among its members. FIJI limits the display of their Greek letters to only 7 places, considered "permanent" by the fraternity. An annual event held by all Phi Gamma Delta chapters is The Frank Norris Pig Dinner, which is used as an event for alumni and undergraduates to come together.


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Chapter Twitter: @ohiofiji

Chapter Instagram: @oufiji