Phi Kappa Theta | ΦΚΘ

National Founding: April 29, 1959 

Local Founding: 1993

Chapter Designation: Ohio Psi

Colors: White, Gold, and Cardinal Purple

Philanthropic Cause: Children's Miracle Network

Membership Size: 25

President: Austin Prestridge (

Recruitment Chair: Jonathan Zitney (


Phi Kappa Theta was established by the merger of two fraternities on April 29, 1959: Phi Kappa and Theta Kappa Phi. In 1889, Phi Kappa was founded by a group of Catholic students at Brown University who were refused entrance to other fraternities because of their faith. Later, on October 1, 1919, Theta Kappa Phi (an acronym for "The Catholic Fraternity") was founded by a similar group of students at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. The merger of the two fraternities in 1959 was the first of its kind in the history of the American fraternal system.

Phi Kappa Theta seeks to provide its members varied personal experiences including learning to live cooperatively; respecting the opinion and rights of everyone; the acceptance of each others uniqueness; the value of discipline; loyalty to others and to the organization; an understanding of unity which allows individualism while being part of a group; the acceptance of a fair share of group obligation by assuming individual responsibility; and an understanding of leadership dynamics. Fraternal, Intellectual, Social and Spiritual: these are the ideals of Phi Kap members. If you share these ideals and are looking for an opportunity to develop them, then PKT may be the place for you.


National Website:

Chapter Twitter: @phikapp_ohiopsi