Pi Kappa Alpha | ΠΚΑ

National Founding: March 1, 1868

Local Founding: May 16, 1930; Re-colonization for Fall 2017

Colony Designation: Gamma Omicron

Colors: Garnet and Old Gold

National Philanthropic Cause: The Taylor Trudeau Cycle for Life

Spring 2018 Membership Size: 73


Pi Kappa Alpha (PIKE) will return to Ohio University in Fall 2017. Pi Kappa Alpha's vision statement is "Pi Kappa Alpha will set the standard of integrity, intellect, and achievement for our members, host institutions, and the communities in which we live." Pi Kappa Alpha seeks members who are Scholars, Leaders, Athletes, Gentlemen. 


National Website:

Colony Website:

Colony Facebook: @OhioPikes

Colony Twitter: @OhioPIKEs

Colony Instagram: @ohiopikes

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